A Volunteer Management Board made up of community members governs the center. h to ensure that all activities reflect a 1) love of God and neighbor; 2) hospitality to strangers; 3) community cooperation that benefits all.
What's a 
​"No-Pay" Café?

Every community needs a place to call its own

How can my group get involved?

Our No-Pay Internet Café features coffee and teas and snacks at no charge (donations, of course, will be accepted)!  The café has tables and comfortable seating to encourage folks to come in, relax, and enjoy the company and the free internet service.

A community center for Verona has been a dream for decades. Thanks to efforts spearheaded by Verona UMC and supported by thousands of dollars in donations by individuals, churches, businesses and civic groups, we have turned the dream into a reality.  The center is a 501c3 non-profit organization and operates totally on donations and staffed with volunteers.  The center is a place for every part of the Verona community to work together in service. A “no-pay” internet café welcomes guests and a large auditorium named "John Gray Memorial Hall" provides plenty of space for large gatherings.  Free showers and laundry are an added service to our guests. Other rooms are dedicated to youth, children, and small group meetings. If your group would like to become a partner in the center, please call 540-248-0207 or 757-619-3515 or email ​veronaccmanager@gmail.com

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Verona. A community that cares.

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About The Verona Community Center

This is a generous community. It is also a community experiencing new stresses as industrial parks are developed, the county government complex expands, and more and more homes are built on the surrounding hills. We need a place where young and old, and rich and poor can come and do their part to make sure Verona remains a caring community.
Whether you are part of a religious organization, fraternal or civic organization, scouting group, community choir, or any other group that serves the community, we invite you to talk with us about how you can both support the community center and make use of its facilities.